Preaching Series: Living Church: Together in Jesus’ Name

When we meet as a church, we gather together in Jesus’ name (Matthew 18:20). Our prayer is that when we meet as a church family on a Sunday morning, we meet as a “living church” where God speaks to us as God is the one who gives us life.

On Monday mornings, the “gathered” church becomes the “scattered” church. We mix with co-workers, neighbours and friends in our lives. We share with them stories of what God is doing in our lives. Therefore, in in the first 2 Sundays of May, we will start with the spiritual stories of Patrick Taylor and Nancy Simpson. As we hear their stories, may we start to think of how we can share our stories with other people in our lives. It can be a simple story of how God helped keep us safe through a snow storm on the weekend.

Then on May 27, Trinity Sunday, we will have a joint worship gathering with Glenbrook Presbyterian Church again.

May 6: Patrick Taylor: My Story (Acts 9:1-9, Saul)); Communion Sunday/Ascension Sunday

May 13: Nancy Simpson: My Story (Acts 9:36-43; Dorcas); Mother’s Day/Christian Family Sunday

May 20: Believe the Word of Life (John 20:19-31); Guest Speaker: Jim Macdonald, Marketing Manager and part-time Knox student; Victoria Day Sunday/Pentecost Sunday

May 27: Pastor Ian McWhinnie (Glenbrook PC); Trinity Sunday/Joint Service with Glenbrook/Potluck Lunch

June 3: The Lord of the Sabbath (Mark 2:23-3:6); Communion Sunday/General Assembly Sunday