Preaching Series: Being There for Others

The God of the burning bush sees the plight of Israel as slaves in Egypt. He liberates and saves them. The burning bush signifies the ever-present and empowering saving God. This God of the burning bush is ever-present in our lives too, saving us and empowering us. He also calls us to bless others just as Israel is called to bless the families of the world (Genesis 12:3). He calls us to be “missional”; to be there for others.

Sept. 2: Out of the Heart (Mark 7:5-23); Labour Day Weekend

Sept. 9: Dave Paradi, My Story (Mark 7:31-37); Communion Sunday/Commissioning of Children’s and Youth Volunteers

Sept. 16: The Burning Bush (Exodus 3:1-12); Welcome Back Sunday/Community BBQ

Sept. 23: The God Who Saves (Exodus 3:11-22)

Sept. 30: Bonita Ledua: Pain and Provision – the Waters as Marah (Exodus 15:22-27)
Bonita is sharing about NorthWind Ministries. She is Executive Director of this ministry which is based in Thunder Bay and reaches out to Aboriginal families.