Friday March 27: Name

St. Andrew’s Streetsville5 Minute Window Acts Series 2020
Give me 5  minutes and I will share something about life, God and the Bible. I share this on March 27, 2020. In this time of crisis, Jesus calls out to each of us by name. Listen for his voice. Please read Acts 3:1-10.

Think through these questions:

• As he sits down at the temple gate that morning, is the man expecting to be healed? What does this tell us about God’s work in our lives?

• Why is the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth so important (Acts 4:8-12)?

• Some say that the leaping and praising of the man is indicative of the messianic age that is predicted by the prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 35:5-7). What does this say about the Jesus’ role as Messiah? What kind of Messiah is he in our lives?

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