Sunday, March 22 2020; Receive

St. Andrew’s Streetsville5 Minute Window Acts Series 2020
Give me 5 minutes and I will share something about life, God and the Bible. I share this on March 22, 2020. Who is the Holy Spirit? Please read Acts 2:1-21).

Have a look at these questions:
• What happens to the followers of Jesus? How do they connect with the visitors to Jerusalem affected (Acts 2:1-13)?
• Who is the Holy Spirit? What work does the Holy Spirit do in us?
• How does Peter explain the “speaking in tongues” (Acts 1:14-21)?
• In this passage, the Holy Spirit brings people who speak many languages together. What does say about God’s intentions for his church? What is the church?

Please click on the link below to read our Lent Reading Guide:
Acts 1-6 Reading Guide