Tuesday, May 5 2020; Hope In God 1 (Psalm 42)

St. Andrew’s Streetsville – 5 Minute Window Series 2020

This week is Mental Health week in the Peel District School Board (May 4-10). I have decided to  focus my Five Minute Windows on mental wellness this week. Please look after yourselves and exercise self-care as we enter another phase of this crisis.

Here below is the Youtube link for the Five Minute Window for today,  May 5, 2020.
May we take 5 minutes to meditate about life, God and the Bible. I share this on Tuesday, May 5, 2020. The songwriter of Psalm 42 is experiencing a crisis. He feels that God is absent. How does the songwriter process this? As we go through this crisis, how do we process the seeming absence of God?